Back in Business

After many months of preparation,  Capitan Games Ltd. as the woldwide agent of Capitan Miniatures, S.L. owner of the rights of the former miniatures of Warmodelling /...


Trireme Commander Now Available

Our Ancient Tactical Naval Combat rules & ships, now available in our ONLINE STORE Share


Gunboat Squadron Commander & Company Commander AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Now Available from our online shop: our new war games rule sets “GUNBOAT – SQUADRON COMMANDER” & “COMPANY COMMANDER”. Both rule sets were demonstrated at “SALUTE”, in...


Downloable Flags & Pennants for Squadron Commander

Click on the image to download our exclusive sheet of flags & peanuts for Gunboat Squadron Commander 10mm ships.     Share


Company Commander

COMPANY COMMANDER is set in the XVIII & the first half of the XIX century. During this period there were many great battles with large armies and...


Gunboat Ships Assembly instructions

Click in the image to download the kit assembly instructions for our new 10mm ships range Share


Divisional Commander 1st Carlist War Army lists

Download for free in our DC Army lists section Share


Divisional Commander Available in our Online Store

Now you can order Divisional Commander in our Online store Click on sergeant Blanco Share