Special OPS Commander


Special Ops Commander(SOPSC), is not just another WWII wargame rule set; it is focused, as the name suggests, on Special Operations forces – either as part of established units (commandos, paratroops, SAS, SOE, US Navy Seals, etc) or specially-trained teams. During World War II this tactical concept was developed and, for some time, it was a new concept of combat but special operations forces have continued to be developed during the modern era.


SOPSC is a rule set designed specially to recreate special operations, using specially-trained forces with special equipment and special tactics, tasked with playing a very specific role in battle. In the early years, Lord Mountbatten developed the British Royal Marine Commandos, in the US, Darby’s Rangers were conceived, and, not to be outdone, Otto Skorzeny and his Friedentahler (specialist paratroopers) became Germany’s response. These formations developed into larger formations, such as the Red Devils (British Paratroopers), the US 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, the Green Devils or German paratroopers and certain SS specialist units.


To recreate the special missions entrusted to such troops, the game has a special system of card decks, where each unit has its own special characteristics that make each unit different from the others, there are no army lists with standard values for units – all units are different, all units have their special weapons, and the tactical formations are flexible. A guide of how to link all units at a tactical level is provided, but the players can ignore this and follow historical “ad hoc” formations or fictitious groups from novels and films.


Special Operations, not only involved infantry – a huge array of troops, mechanized, armoured, artillery and, air support, and much more can be brought into play in CSOPS. And obviously not all special operations were made against other elite or special troops, they were carried out some times against regular units, and these are included too… and with their own special characteristics too.


SOPSC provides a new WWII game with a new battle feeling, new game mechanics and new opportunities to create scenarios. Take command of a specialist company or platoon and collaborate with support troops to achieve special missions, that other units could only dream of accomplishing or might have considered as foolish or impossible – even suicidal… but not for your special unit. This is  SPECIAL OPS COMMANDER coming soon….