Comrades in Battle Errata & Rules Clarification

Firing example clarification  & errata page 42 of the Bootcamp:

It Should read:

To resolve the fire the rules of section 6.4 must be followed

The firing unit uses a rifled musket as sated on its Unit Card. The rifled musket fires two shots per miniature, and has a short range of 20cm. which is more than the actual distance between the firer and target (12cm.) so the unit fires at short range.

The firing dice of the unit is 12D (this information is on the Unit Card).
The unit has 6 miniatures so must roll twelve D12. The scores are:
2 results of 12 
– 1 result of 11
– 2 result of 9
– 3 result of 7 
– 4 results of 3
– 2 results of 2
– 2 results of 1

According to the rule 6.5.2 when a unit fires at short range it needs a 6 or more to score a hit. But we must apply a firing modifier to the results (Rule 7.5.3), +1 for infantry firing vs. cavalry. That means that a result each two results of 5 or more scores a hit and, looking at the result of the rolls, the cavalry unit has suffered 4 hits.

For each hit the unit must make a saving throw (Rule 3.6). A D6 is rolled for each hit and each result of 4 or more successfully saves, for every two results of 3 or less, a miniature is removed.

The results are:
– 1 result of 5
– 1 result of 4
– 2 results of 3
In consequence one cavalry miniature is removed from the game, because there were two saving throws that did not succeed.