Squadron Commander

No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.“

Horatio Nelson


SQUADRON COMMANDER is designed specifically to play with the 10mm Crew miniatures from Capitan Games, and the Gunboats & Ships made by Laser Dream Works for Capitan Games.

The main elements of the game are the gunboats and ships, along with their crews.

”Gunboat”, our original Napoleonic small naval action rule set, has grown and, with this second edition, has become SQUADRON COMMANDER in an updated form. The game has been re-scaled for a better playability and is supported by a whole range of miniature crews and ships that are available in 10mm scale.

With this re-scaling, players will be able to play on a smaller game table with smaller gunboats or on, a larger table, with cutters, brigs of war, sloops, corvettes, frigates, Xebecs, and much more.  Also in this 2nd edition we have introduced two new kits from the great “Hearts of Oak” Ships of the Line a 4th rate (50 & 64 gun) and a 3rd rate (74 & 80 gun).


We are investigating the introduction of 2nd and 1st rate vessels later, together with a merchant or “Indiaman” vessel. As a result of these moves, we have made a small adjustment to the rules.

With these changes, the rules have been expanded and cover all ship types and there is a full set of ship characteristics and crew charts ready to play straight from the book. By including the great “Ships of the Line” and  Frigates, players will be able to recreate the famous frigate actions of the Napoleonic wars, with Privateers or take the role of a captain of the Royal Navy, like Lord Cochrane on HMS Imperieuse, the French Privateer, Surcouf, with Le Confiance, Stephen Decatur who fought against the Barbary pirates or Spanish Captain Barcelo and his gunboats attacking Gibraltar… all this using a single rule set… action on the high seas, coastal landings, shore actions, cutting-out operations… plenty of enjoyment and history in one book…

As a tactical game, Gunboat – Squadron Commander is designed to be played with a few ships per side, but ships which provide a strong visual experience as well as quick exciting game play, Squadron Commander is a new concept in naval games, emphasising the individual action of ships and crews rather than those of fleets.