Marlburian Commander


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The 1st Duke of Marlborough

“The First Duke John Churchill was probably the pre-eminent military figure in Western Europe between the eras of Turenne and Condé on the hand and the period of the mature of Frederick II of Prussia on the other. Although John Churchill did not appear decisively on the military scene until 1702, and died just 20 years later, his influence was pervasive, both directly and indirectly, for a generation after his dead….”

David Chandler

“The Art of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough”

Batsford Books 1979

Game Design

Marlburian Commander is an adaptation of our Napoleonic rules Divisional Commander, the tactics of Marlborough era develop the Seven Years War tactics and later on the Napoleonic’s.

In this years the linear formations and rigidity of the units were the rule in the battlefield, but wars develop very quick the tactics and strategy, in this case the Spanish Succession War develop this linear tactics to more flexible formations, to gain in firepower and control.

The art of Command formations in the battle was developed too in this war from a rather informal chain of command to a more developed chain of command and staff as the war goes on.