Trireme Commander

Trireme is a game of tactical naval combat, focused on the simulation of combat between small fleets of galleys, rather than great naval engagements.

The objective of the simulation is combat between a few galleys in situations such as combat patrol, merchant escort, counter-piracy actions, and pirate assaults, etc. A game is best played with two to four galleys per player.

In this first edition we will focus on the Punic Wars (264 BC to 146 BC), between Rome and its allies and Carthage and its allies.

28 Full color pages puls 1 token Sheet.

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The Game will be supported by a full range of 10mm ships and miniatures.

The first batch of Galleys are:

TRSH01 Hemiola £5,00
TRSH02 Bireme(Square rails) £8,00
TRSH03 Bireme (X type rails) £8,00
TRSH04 Bireme (Shields rails) £8,00
TRSH05 Trirreme (Square rails) £10,00
TRSH06 Trireme (X type rails) £10,00
TRSH07 Trireme (Shield rails) £10,00

All come with three different poops (2 the Hemiole) & prows, to personalize your fleet.

Bireme Shield Rails

Bireme Shield Rails


Birreme X Type Shields




Trireme Shield Rails

The miniatures will come shortly.