Trireme Commander Errata

TRIREME COMMANDER 1st edition Errata

1.1  The Galleys
There are 5 types listed  these line up with the 5 types mentioned on pages 22 and 23. 
Page 23 also has a problem with the table for Ramming the first entry is correctly type I and II the second entry should be type III, the third type IV and the last type V
3.5 Sinking Galleys 
Should not make a reference to a gunboat when removing a vessel from play
6.5 Crew movements between Galleys
The correct rule is:

“If any galley ends its movement in contact with a friendly galley, crew can move from one vessel to another at that moment. This movement does not affect the activation of the galley contacted.”

6.6 Rig / Unrig a Galley
Paragraph 2  talks about unrigging a gunboat, should read Galley
6.6 Maximum number of oared movements for a galley (Should read 6.7)
The table is missing:
I *
II 12
III 10
IV 8
V 6
* Can move rowed without
any penalty
6.7 Lateral attack movement (Should read 6.8)
7.1 Firing javelins, bows and slings
The range table for bows gives a short range of 0cm should  read 20cm 
10.8 Capturing a Galley
Point 2 must end ,”but he must move at least one officer and 4 other fighting figures”  . A  captured ship retain its own crew rating.
Page 24 appears to have 2 identical tables with different headings CATAPULT FIRE  and CATAPULT FIRING